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Video or IP over powerline?

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Anyone have some current suggestions for either of these types of devices, and some rough price figures? (Like, $100-$200 range, $300+ range, etc.)? I've been asked to quote to add some cameras to my own townhouse complex, including some out on our visitor parking lot, which currently has power running to a couple outlets and some lighting, but no signal lines and no option of adding conduit for it.


Wireless might be an option, but since the DVR would likely go in the amenities building or a phone room, and neither would be line-of-sight to the lot, I'd rather look at something first that can use existing wiring. If I come back to the phone room in this building, where the lot lighting feeds from, I could suggest using an existing cable or phone feed in that room for an internet connection and remote access.


If I was just running to my unit, the end unit closest to the lot, it would be easy... but I want to plan ahead for the time we decide to sell and move, at which point the new owner may not want to maintain the system on their own internet.

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