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Installer Help me

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In recent, my new customer who starts installation business ordered our Effio-E 960H box cameras from us.

he installed the cameras in a bank. the bank has spotlights under cashers. He said he like the camera a lot.

BUT He complained about the image has light spot (see attached sample image) and ask some resolution. I know this is not a camera problem.

What resolution can I give him for this problem?

Please installers who know Effio-E OSD help me.

Can i solve the problem with Effio-E OSD?


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The easiest way is...if the light spot is the spot light under cashers, then adjust the camera angle a little bit down so that the camera scene does not include the light. Of course, unless you need to have the camera looking up in the ceiling for some reasons.


the other way, is... if your camera has OSD, look for HLC (High Light Compensation) and turn it on. It will mask the light to some degree, but not a very good solution though.

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Looks like you're getting a flare from the light hitting the front element of the lens. You could try putting a piece of paper (something thick and black would work best) over the lens to block the light from hitting the lens element... if that helps, you can make something a little prettier.


Think of the sun hood on an outdoor enclosure, and adapt that idea to a smaller scale to fit your lens:




Picture the lens hoods you can get for SLR lenses, for example:




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