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$ Need Expert Install & Configure GV Center V2 Pro w 96 cams

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Hi, I am a developer of nightclubs, bars, restaurants in Pittsburgh PA. I currently have 2 locations (2 x 1240 = 32ch & 1 x 1240 = 16ch). We are opening our third unit march 1 (2 x 1240 = 32ch) and our forth unit april 1 (1 x 1240 = 16 ch) with a possible fifth unit june 1 (2 x 1240 = 32ch).

we will be using IR cams and PTZ at each location.


I am looking for someone to hire to help configure our GV software to work with a GV-Center V2 Pro at two (2) remote locations, our home and our main administrative office. It would also be nice to have audio feeds as well come to the CMS. I also want to be able to view the systems on my ipad and iphone. We would consider using alarm inputs as well, but i have no clue of this at all.


We need to purchase multiple geovision cards and computer dvrs for the 3,4,5 units. i have typically purchased the cards from a dealer then bought dell pcs. we have 3 pcs running the 3 1240 cards already. I am looking for someone to professionally configure and train us how to monitor all of our locations. if you install locally in the pittsburgh area or remotely configure the software over the web, please contact me at adam@ampdgroup.com


thanks in advance.

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What is your main purpose of the CMS software? Do you want to monitor and record events from the different cameras (Center View) or be able to monitor and control the DVR's at the various locations (Control Center)?


CV2 is nice if you need the the redundancy of storing video at a remote location and you have someone monitoring 24/7. Downside, you'll need a lot of storage for all the cameras/events, bandwith considerations, and no way to lock the camera views on the screen (you can "pin" the live shots but if a system goes down it could pop up anywhere when it comes back up). Event window takes up to much sceen area unless to dump it off to another monitor.


Control Center will allow you to monitor all your systems on one screen and "fix" their locations. You can group all cameras by location or group by entrances, cash registers or whatever. You can also remotely access each DVR to configure the system or access each systems video log. Bandwidth is better managed with Control Center also.


Both systems will allow audio and PTZ.


Another option is to just set up Multiview (free) at your home and office with multiple hosts. You can look at just one site at a time or list them all and drag and drop up to 32 cameras at a time from different locations.


It all boils down to needs and cost.


One recommendation, to get the most out of the remote monitoring, stay away from DSL at the various locations. Upload speeds are terrible. Cable at minimum.

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