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PTZ - Need help from you ptz gurus, please!

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A friend took me to a local business that recently closed & was clearing out inventory and equip. They did not sell these, but I bought a PTZ camera, new in the box. It doesn't have zoom, so I guess it's PT! It was new in a plain brown box, not a name brand camera. It has a decent CCD, picture looks great, but it has a heavy, metal, controller box with buttons to move the camera: left, right, up, down, and a switch that makes it pan back and forth. There is a 24vac transformer in the box that actually sends the voltage across the wire connected to the button you press.


I've installed sony and pelco domes in my business, and friend's businesses, and from my understanding it was a signal sent to the camera that was translated onboard to determine which way to move. I don't think there were separate wires for each direction, and I don't think the motor's power was sent, just a signal. The DVR has several different PTZ "languages", pelco, fastdome, etc, but I don't think any of these send power over the wire, just the signal. Ive seen rs232 - rs485 converters, is there a converter out there that can receive the ptz signal from my dvr, and convert it to giving power to the correct left, right, up, and down wires? I guess it would need to be a decoder, and I would have it kick a relay giving 24vac to the correct wire?


Any help is greatly appreciated, surely someone has accomplished this! I am good with electronics, so even if you had to build something, I would be able to follow you. You wouldnt just be wasting your time! Thanks " title="Applause" />

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