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Softwaer for CVKT-J38 DVR Card Ver.

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Please help me to find softwaer for CVKT-J38 DVR card ver. in ENGLISH. and how to install in my PC with Windows XP

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I have also one but it is not working. the software you cant download here http://www.electromannsa.co.za/shop/?q=node/661

but there parts of the email the company send me:


Good day,


Please take note of the product specifications as advertised by us (see below).


We sell a wide variety of DVR Cards, and the main specifications and/or features differ significantly between them. The features and specs depend on price. Prices range from R399 to R12000 per DVR Card. The card you purchased do not and will support the resolution of 1024x768


Thank you for your understanding!


so it only will run on a resolution of 760x576 i cant set my computer to that.

so if any one can help pleeease.

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