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DVR for archiving

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I am currently shopping around for a 16 channel DVR that can handle automated backups, preferably to a big external USB/eSATA HD. I have a client that pretty much wants to keep footage indefinitely. He currently has an old Vitek DVR (that's the actual model name), which is supposed to support automated backups to drives up to 2 TB, but seems to fail on anything over 500GB.


Ideally, I'd like to have them just switch out 2 TB HDs every couple of months, label them, and shelve them. Seems like most of the DVRs I've found so far only support manually copying pieces of data to USB, not everything.


We are looking in the $1000 price range, but my client is pretty flexible. Any ideas?


Thanks for your help.

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I'd suggest looking at PC Based solutions personally, preferably a more mature IP based system, something like Milestone for example.

You could then use standard backup systems to take snapshots of the system on a regular basis, and have those stored on a autochanger tape system, or local disks etc.

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