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DVR System with Remote Phone Line Video

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Alarm Monitoring Company:



existing mixed brands, Color & BW, 10 Total



1 Kalatel Triplex 10 channel Multiplexer

1 Kalatel DSR-2000e 40GB

1 Kalatel RSM-1600 Phone Transmitter

1 CCTV Color Monitor (existing)


All computers on network can view video playback, or they playback on the cctv monitor. 10 cameras on the 40GB at 5pps gets them 3-4 days with motion detection in highest video quality.


At the other end (home), the owners can view sound and video via the phone line, on their Big Screen TV, a CCTV monitor, or any TV that is connected to the matching RSM-1600 in their home. Slower than Internet Video, but cheaper, simple to use, and nice that they can view it on thier TVs throughout the house. Audio is also transmitted, with a sligt delay though. Video quality is not as clear as with Internet Video, but good enough, and can be near real time by lowering the resolution (remember the video phone on CNN/MSNBC during the Iraw war).


How its hooked up:

RSM-1600 has only 3 channels on base product (it can be expanded with the addition of an expander). 1st channel is 10 channel multiplexed output using the monitor out. 2nd channel is a camera with audio (cheap walmart type camera), 3rd is a color 520TVL Sanyo Camera for the Central Station. These are looped from the multiplexer to the RSM-1600 using BNC-RCA jacks.







RSM-1600 - approx price $980 Retail per unit.

The RSM-1600 master transceiver lets you access your video surveillance system from anywhere there's a phone line. Use 2 for video to TV/Video, or 1 for video to PC (free software).

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