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Specific Poles for PTZ CCTV

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Hi Everyone, I'm seeking some advice or clarification on installing PTZ cameras in a large open carpark. The area can be extremely windy, and I was wondering is there a specific pole I can use, and are there manufacturers/distributors in Australia?


I've heard that rounded poles are not the best and that sqaure or octagonal poles resist wind and therefore vibration - thus avoiding some of the shakes - is this true? Whats the best option?


Cheers in Advance. Wozza.

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square poles are great for any camera installation, but not as cheap as the round ones (at least not down here). The square ones look nicer also, especially if painted properly. I have never installed on a round one, yet, until the need arises as it may already exist at the clients location, but normally you will need a pole adaptor for the camera mount. Most PTZ manufacturers have this in thier inventory. If the pole is large like the size of a lamp post, then more than likely you will not need an adaptor.

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