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helloo all,,

am looking for good brand of IP cameras and not costly,, i need it for home use only,, i tried some websites but most of them didnt respond to me,, any suggestions ??

and i want to ask how IP camera works,, like normal cameras?,, i.e. is it attached to normal DVR or its need specific DVR ?? and i saw that there is some cameras is wireless and some are not.. which is better ??




this is the first time for me with IP cameras

thank you

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Take a look at this if you are just getting started with IP cameras. The really cheap IP camera that is made for outdoor use is the Foscam18904W around GB £65 or US $110) .but don't expect too much picture quality as IP cameras of real worth are not cheap. They are still considered new technology even if they're not. Good luck


PS I have no experience of Network Video Recorders (NVR) so I can't comment on those,

perhaps someone that has will be kind enough to talk about them to you.

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