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Would u suffice a LINUX OS for FPS

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Would you prefer frames per second recording, over linux OS even though you have used geovision since 2003 and have systems still running from that day......




Are features more important than a simple OS.


Are features and recording quality more important than user operation 2 steps compared to 3 to view footage>???

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Ive switched from Geo to a stand alone now ..

Many standalones now have all the features the clients need.

Plus the quality of Geo has decreased with ever increasing issues and in addition to that its getting harder locally to find compatible CPUs and Motherboards especially since something like 8.4 needs at least a quad core, not to mention the time it takes to properly build and setup a Geo compared to just under 3 minutes plugging in a standalone to record.

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because the linux systems are dearer, and so they use 100 fps cards (16ch) over 400 fps cards like I do...



I would prefer highest quality / longer recording with a stable OS than dearer hardware compression cards with lower framerate / less functionality.

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