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how to configure DVR for ddns for remote viewing

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We dont need a static ip for viewing remotly . You can configure the DVR with DDNS also . The most commonly method is by registering with DYNDNS & hosting the ip . Then in the router do port forward & in the DDNs section of your router at the hostname & your DYNDNS account details thats it. Then on IE type you hostname & you will be able to view your DVR remotly.

Another option I came thru was with AVTECH DVR they have their own DNS site. When you click on the DDNS option in AVTECH DVR you will see

mac000e****eee9 .ddns.dvrtw.com.tw


Just enable DDNs & type the above address in IE & you will be able to see your AVTECH DVR On net without DYNDNS or static IP


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