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Power supply Problem's

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I go over to help get camera system back online and find power supply problem's.

Well you know how it goes.

They need them back up and running NOW.

Privet run Correction facility.

So i go over to the only place in town and get 2 12 volt 8 channel power supplys.

Get them hooked up and next day Video loss.

So i get another Power supply because there is 24 camera's there anyway.

I call the company an been trouble shooting why they shut down.

I have 4 camera's on one, 6 on another, and 8 on the other for now.

I know the IR come on at night.

It is nice and cool and dry in the IT room where they are at.

Now i know why i never use 12 VOLT, I always use 24 but these camera's are Optiview 12 volt only.



You know the feeling.

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Yes they had video loss off and on over the last few months.

Golden state 4 amp is what i put back in.

I may end up eating these over the next few weeks


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Would like to share this:


It is not an accurate device. A 1 AMP rated PTC might never blow at 2 AMPs, and might take greater than 30 seconds to blow at 5 AMPs, thus offering no protection to the device. Once it does blow, it might require shutting off the power supply to reset it, so as to allow cool down of the PTC. In essence, it could require a service call to reset the power supply. In addition, PTCs are very temperature sensitive. They will trip at lower current ratings as the ambient temperature goes up, and higher than specified current ratings as the ambient temperature goes down. These PTC ratings can vary by +/- 50 percent over manufacturers specified temperature range.


For DC power supplies, Altronix designs include electronically resetable current limiting, which are superior to fuses or PTCs, and employ the PTC for battery, motor or heater protection

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