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I have a 4 channel dvr on site and would like to hook it up for the customer to view full screen images of each camera on all of his tvs. I am told that the device I need is an "ABD Switch." To my understanding I need to connect a t-splitter at the dvr for each camera and run a cable for each camera to the main point of entry for the cable to the house. Then I hook up a ABD switch and that allows each channel to be viewed from any tv in the house on the selected channels (i.e. channel 70-74)?


Is this right? and do I need a seperate abd switch for each camera? And Where can I get this switch? Also, I was told that I needed to run a cable per camera from the dvr to the main point of entry for the cable and then hook up the switch. Wouldn't it work just as well if I ran one wire to the main point from the dvr and cut in to the incoming line, then do all of my connections at the dvr like it was the main point. that way if I upgraged to more cameraas I wouldn't have to run more coax?



Any suggestions would help,


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They are called Rf Modulators:


Check out the E4200 for 4 channels.




As for hook up, just run 1 coax (RG6 Cable TV Wire) wire from your DVR to the cable entry, use a 2 in 1 out splitter, you can buy them from channel vision also, and also, very important, buy a low pass filter from them as well.


The Modulator can stay at your DVR.

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