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Mobotix - Recommended distance - time lapse photography

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Hi all and thanks in advance!

Would it be possible to get some suggestions on the following. I'm a newbie on this IP camera stuff...

The idea is to use Mobotix IP cameras to record the construction on a site and gather a time lapse photography.

If an M-24 was to be used with an L135, what is the longest distance that the pole could be from the construction site in order for the image to be reasonably good.

According to the lens specs, at 50m, an L135 will expand 13m wide and 9.5 high, if you were to increase that distance (i.e. 200m-->52m wide, 40 high) how far can you take this keeping the image reasonably good to capture the construction progress?


I guess, the question is, what would be the ideal combination of lens type and distance from camera to construction site to capture the progress in a time lapse photography?


Thanks a lot!!

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how far is the distance from the building that you want to mount the camera and the construction site and how large of an area do you need to cover -- i'd think the 135lens is going to be to tight

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