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15v dc, powersupply for Ultrak camera.

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Hello folks,


I have few leftover camera's from an old cassette player CCTV setup. The camera's that I have, not sure if they are in working conditions; been sitting around for good 3/4 years now. One is an Ultrak KC200CN and the other two are KC-2A. I recently purchased QVIS HD 16ch dvr, and have been looking for ways to connect this camera's to it. Unfortunately, this guys have RJ11E cables, and I have able to find an adapter to split the RJ11E into BNC video and power source.


I am running into a problem in locating the proper power source. The info lable on camera it self states it requires a 15V dc at 5watts for KC-2A and 15V dc at 3 watts for KC200CN. Initially they were connected to the monitor and it was supplying the power to the cameras.


Is it possible for me find a power adapter to meet those requirement, or are they not worth it (financially) I don't want to spend $30 for an adapter when I can get a new camera for another 50/60...


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Both units should be able to cope with the same PSU, the wattage is the maximum demand upon the adapter, so as long as the adapter can cope with giving out 5W@15VDC then the 3W unit can cope with that. 5W is approx 0.3A, so a 1A 15VDC PSU would do several cameras.

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Ahh... thanks for clearing that up.


Know of any place where I can find the PSU? I've tried on several cctv sites but haven't found any thing.. nothing at local Radio Shack either.

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