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I need iphone remote access to Swann DVR can anyone help?

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We bought a Swann DVR4-1200 with the added iphone feature. Everything has worked fine until we have tried to work the remote access through the iphone. It's working perfectly when we're in our house using our own router to access the internet (our router is a Netgear DGN2000), but when we've tried connecting from an outside location we get a 'failed to connect' message on the iphone. Can anyone suggest if this is an iphone issue or our router? I've read numerous accounts of various problems on the internet and I can't work out where our problem lies? I've looked at tutorials on Swann's website and they make connecting to your DVR look SO easy via your iphone, you just seem to download the Swannview App & off you go....but not in our case & seemingly we're not the only ones. Any info gratefully received, many thanks

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