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Geovision GV-600 public streaming question

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I have a GV-600 card that has four inputs. The card was purchased so that I could stream 4 separate channels via a publicly accessible internet website. This just seemed an easier solution than using individual USB cameras, especially because the longest cable run will be about 50 meters and I have read about latency issues with cat5 USB extenders. I had some EverFocus EX200/N Coax cameras that I was planning to use with the system. I got the software and drivers installed and have video feeds from the system, but I can't seem to figure out a way to route the camera output to a transcoder so that I can format the feeds for web streams.


I have looked all through the software package that came with the GV-600 board and can't seem to find any settings that will work. I noticed that there is a setting to allow output of a 3gpp stream, which would allow me to use my transcoder, but I can't seem to access it. I have been trying to connect via localhost and IP with both the encoder and with VideoLAN VLC player but have not been able to access the video feed through anything but GeoVision's software. I am beginning to feel that some other solution might have been a better fit for what I am trying to achieve.


Does anyone have suggestions on how to make this work?


Thanks in advance,


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If you can find the RTSP command then you could use VLC to connect with RTSP and then Re-stream it to flash or other.


here is the Mac setup guide for geo which shows some RTSP port stuff, but does not show the actual full command for login and camera.



I dont have an active Geo system at this time to test myself.

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