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Dmss questions

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Hello again,


Just thinking about finally getting a smart phone, but something cheap, maybe from Ting wireless.

They offer the Optimus S, not a fancy high end phone, and not listed on Bahama Securities page of compatible phones either (nothing LG listed at all). It is Android 2.2 Will it work?

Dmss: so many options, (gdmss vs dmss, client, pro...which?) one out in the market is $29.99, another is 4.99

Does the 2.2+ mean that the phone will work or will the processor power also be an issue? The phone can't run flash, which I am sure dmss isnt using that.


Any ideas?



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I havent used these directly but ..


Android gDMSS-T 2.5 - for 2.1 and above

This is a downloadable version, as it was removed from the Android Market for the new version below.


Android gDMSS 2.6 - ($4.99) for 2.2 and above

This is the latest one, with Playback.


Also the compatible list of phones is from last year, so it could be missing new models.

And it should mean you need at least that version of Android (or higher) for it to work.

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It's a 2010 phone. What I dont get is that the list has no LG phones at all.


The primary reason I want this phone is for the ability to view my cameras when I am out of town. I really need to find out if it will work before I buy it.


Hopefully someone has one and has tried it out.

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