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Digiop Server

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Ok well my problems with the digiop servers continue.....I got a second dvr for a second site this unit is all ip based. I am having major problems and the support has had me running in circles for weeks now with little answers or direction. Here is the setup


Brand New dell digiop server...got 32 ip based cameras (or whatever is the max for the system)

Using a mix of box and dome cameras...they are all digiop black ips103 and ipd103....I have a power over Ethernet switch working them I have 10 installed....less than half are working


I have configured them all locally with static ip and powered them over poe while doing this...when I installed them they power up the indicator lights work fine and locally the video goes out of the camera on the video 2 av connection.... I have tested the network cables..replaced a few just in case...spent a few thousand on new poe dlink switches as recommended by digiop...nothing worked...sent them a camera and switch they confirm the camera is bad and send a new one to me....


I take the new camera set it up change the ip its all working...mount it on the wall its not working....it appears if i power the camera locally it works fine today I will try a poe injector and a few other things but I am ready to send the system back I have invested at least 40 working hours in the problems and just cant get a straight answer that fixes it....any ideas....


Note that the I have the same problem with multiple spots...multiple brand new cameras...new cables..long or as short at 5 feet....new switches......nothing works



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i know this post is old but i had to chime in.. Digiop tech support is a horror show. Plus their prices are extreme. tech support just kinda hangs out on the phone with you while they guess and basically let you figure it out. The SCBLACK system i recently installed (common dell optiplex 700$ desktop inflated to 4999.95 with software and 4 ip licenses) was buggy, NEVER consistent and required updates to server and client software regularly to run smoothly. I would NEVER suggest this company to any person that i even remotely liked. Suggest it to an enemy. lol

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