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New Setup (Design) Guidance / Advice's most welcome

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Hello All,


I recently setup a CCTV Solution with 7 CPPlus Dome Cameras, and 2 CP Plus Bullet cameras with IR + 16 Ch DVR (again of CP PLUS). here in Mumbai - India.


Overall i am happy with the products i decided to use, However i believe somewhere, I did not setup the whole thing right. (I used alloy) CCTV Cables (Which has around 3 pair of cables, one for audio, one for power, and another for video).


There has been images which are grainy, sometimes they overlap to different channels and so on. not sure if its the power supply, the cable or what is causing it. (its not a ground loop, i have tested it)


Advice's most welcome on the above setup.


However now, i have another project with a deployment need of


50 Cameras, (35 Dome with IR), (5 Bullet with IR / 20 mtr range), (5 Dome cameras)


Here's is where i want all you experts out here to help me choose the right way into deploying this solution successfully. (currently based in Mumbai-India) i used the product cpplus.


What is the best way to design this cctv system i mentioned above.

1. Cables to use, type and so on? and best standard / practice for cabling.

a. Power supply (cabling best standards)


2. CCTV / DVRs Recommended (Brands)

3. Best way to store maximum data (30 days) from all cameras. and even back it up for 4 months minimum.


Thanks Guys (This project needs to start by august end)

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if you have any requirements for cctv, cameras , video door phone or fire guards or intrusion alarm system in mumbai just mail me the requirements on nidhish.shah3@yahoo.com


nidhish shah

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It would be very hard for anybody to respond to this - you would need to provide a site schematic with camera locations and/ or google earth co-ordinates. Along with this you would need to provide an operational requirement analysis. The analysis would need to include where the system would be monitored from, when it would be monitored, who would monitor it, and how they would respond to the specific issues listed in the operational requirements. The operational requirements analysis and schematics would give us the information needed to develop the technical specifications of the system, which would include cable types and topologies, camera format, transmission media, etc, etc.


attempting a cctv install without this process is just a waste of time and money, and would result in yet another CCTV system that doesn't do anything for anybody!

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