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Link Delight h.264 cards

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I was thinking of playing around with Zoneminder and I found these cards;



They are listed as working with Zoneminder on the ZM Wiki site and they're cheap... I've got an old P4 and a Core Quad that I would install Ubuntu on and run it on that.

I need 8 ports but I don't know if I should get 2 4 port cards or a single 8....


Anyone have any experience with them?


I was looking at the Dahua DH-VEC8008HB card but can't find any software that works with them. I know they have their own SW but I was looking for something, inexpensive, that would work with XProtect Go or something similar.


Because of the cost I'm willing to spend some time with Zoneminder but my first thought was XProtect. I'd like to build a hybrid system, reusing what I have, so that when I upgrade to IP cameras I can keep my analog stuff for a grand view and use the IP for quality pictures.

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I recently bought two of the Link Delight TW6816 based four channel cards for use with Blue Iris in two installations. I am using the drivers I found at the Bluecherry site under windows XP and 7 x64 with good results. Before BI I used Zoneminder but I've yet to try the linux techwell driver from gitorious but I see no reason why it should not work. I'm much happier with BI than Zoneminder especially the motion detection.

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