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[HELP] Formatted HDD Recorded from DVR AVTECH

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Hi all,


I have an issue, some times ago, my DVR cannot record any video and it blank black, so we called the supplier and the supplier took my DVR and format it without our permission and without ask what the problem why we called them. Because of that, they replace our HDD with new HDD with size 500GB too.


Now, I want to recover my data from that HDD, but I never take a look what's type data of DVR (I mean HDD format, file that saved, etc. And when I try to peek new HDD they give, it's not readable or not appear on my computer). When I scanned by software recovery, I found 1 file without extension with size 450++ GB (my HDD is 500 GB).


What I want to ask is:

- Is it true that the file inside that HDD is just one with big size OR each files saved each day (if we save 30 day, then there is 30 files inside the HDD)?

- I want to try to recover my old HDD and save the files to new HDD that they replace but I can't access the new HDD (I can't restore it to my computer because my computer hdd is 350 GB and the file is 450++ GB)


Oh my God, I am so confuse.

Can u help me at least?

Thank u

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Most likely in Linux. My wife does recovery of different kinds of hard drives and believe the header just needs to be restored using a recovery program.

We are in Southern California.

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