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Shoulg I trade working Samsung snc-550 for 5 broken iqeye's

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The person who wants to trade has sold 1273 things on Ebay with all positive feedback


The ad for the iqeye's is:


Up for bid are 5 IQ EYE cameras.



Do NOT BID on this auction unless you are 100% comfortable taking these cameras apart and using parts to make other cameras operational.


These cameras are "for parts" only.


1) TWO 702s (the boxes actually say 752, but they are BASE 702 with the DayNight cutthrough filter installed). So the firmware will show 702, but they are in fact 752.. However, to be on SAFE side, i am labeling as 702, but you to your benefit. I am referring to the 3 cameras to the right.


2) ONE 703 (this is in a 753 body, and does NOT have a cutthrough filter so it is a 703). The interface on this works, but no imagery


3) One UNKNOWN.. It is either 702 or 703.. not sure.. You will have to take your chances.


4) ONE 511


The interfaces, IP on 3 of the 5 are working OK, just no optics. So if you are good at swapping parts around on these cameras you can certainly get something working using some spare camera parts you have.


The best part of the auction is that one of the cameras includes an IQ Recorder license..


I would hope that the VERY NICE lady at Iqinvision corporate would give me a good price on fixxing the camera's


Please tell me honest opinions


[if ya can't pick it in two minutes or less, drill it]

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I bought a handful of bad IQEye cams some time back, and haven't been able to get any working yet through swapping parts. Some parts were easy to weed out - chips getting scorchingly hot and such - but others just don't want to play. One connects to the network and the picture pops in and out, but won't stabilize.


So, if you have lots of time to mess around, and are a good troubleshooter and systematic record keeper, yeah, you might luck out. You'd better enjoy messing around with small electronics assemblies!


Luckily, these were very cheap, but I'm about ready to toss them back to ebay, due to lack of time and them not being much fun any more.

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