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Camera set up advice

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Hi, I have just replaced a vista VVRD-540 dome camera with a panasonic WV-CW484 but though the image is generally brighter it is producing poor identification images. One important point is that a sodium lamp sits just below & behind the camera (6" to side & 6" below). Now this wasn't a problem with the old camera, but now seems to be one of the issues. Here are a couple of night time pictures to show what I mean.






The panasonic is the superior camera but at the moment I am considering switching back.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance.

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What happens to image quality if you center the camera on someone walking past instead of above and beyond them? Might be a problem with the Panasonic prioritizing exposure on the exact center of the image?

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Hi Kawboy12R - Thanks for the response. During daylight the image is good at close range so I'm happy with the focus.

After a bit more thought I think the answer is in my question - that is the intensity of the light that is causing the problem, giving refelection to a more sensitive camera. It is not possible to resite the light so the solution I've come up with is to add additional lighting (as this is a sensitive area at the edge of the property) and allow the camera to remain in colour mode. This should do the trick. Until I get around to installing the new light I think colour mode with the single lamp will be satisfactory.

The other good news is that the 'bad guys' from the old camera views have now been detained.

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