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ACTi 5311: Better Brackets?

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For my ACTi 32x zoom I got what seemed tb the only game in town: http://tinyurl.com/apm9cvw


Unfortunately, it's adjustments are in the form of notches in the mating plates.... so fine changes to left-right or up-down are not possible.... and heaven forbid the installer should not get the bracket perfectly level bc there is no angle adjustment.


Not a big deal until it gets into 20-30x zoom - then it's a hassle.


I can see retrofitting some sort of semi-soft washers between the mating plates and hoping for continuous adjustment that stays adjusted but I figured I'd go for the gold first.


Does anybody have something with continuous adjustment that will fit this camera?

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Had exactly the same problem Also the surface I was mounting to was not quite vertical, so had to pack washers behind the bracket and use a spirit level to get it right.

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