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Samsung SRD-1652d

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We are installing a 48 cameras system. There are currently 32 cameras on the system and we are using a computer as our video server. We plan to migrate to 3 sixteen camera DVR’s. The DVR we plan to use is a Samsung SRD-1652d. My understanding is that we can group the 3 DVR’s together in the client software and cycle through the cameras, displaying up to 26 on the screen at a time. Has anybody had any experience with this DVR and the software? I have been unable to find any reviews and would like to be able to get feedback before investing in the system. Thanks you.

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I've got a SRD-1670DC - which I think is a similar, but slightly older model.


As a pure DVR it works pretty well. I mostly use it with the HDMI output.


There are a few others ways you can access it :


1) Via the samsung smartviewer software on a PC over a network. This software is a bit clunky at times but its the best I've found. Some features only work with certain firmware versions (e.g. the search features stopped working when I upgraded to the latest firmware). It looks like you could connect to several DVRs and create a combined display with up to 36 cameras (though I've never tried that in anger).


2) Via the samsung smartviewer iphone software. Doesn't seem to work - I've tried everything.


3) Via samsung NET-iviewer software. I got this to work on a PC - but it didn't seem to have any advantages over smartviewer.


4) Via samsung i-polis iphone software. Doesn't seem to work.


5) Via new samsung SSM software. God knows if this helps. I haven't tried it and am not sure how you even get it.


6) Via the built in web server. Is quite difficult to get working properly - and a bit clunky when it does.


7) Probably others....


So the client software support is a little incoherent to be honest. It would be much better if all the effort was concentrated into one piece of software - but instead there are many - none of which are perfect.


Hope some of that is helpful.


regards - Reddal

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Hi Reddal


Thanks for the feedback. I am currently testing the Net i-Viewer to see if it meets our needs. One feature I like is the expansion monitors.


I will also be testing the SSM software as well - it dosen't require me to use the generic Samsung DVR device as it lists the SRD-1652 in the device list. The software can be found at:



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