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AXIS Cameras for license plates

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Hello CCTV


I've never had to deal with license plate viewing for security cameras. These would be at the entrance of a parking garage that has a gate. Low and high light. POE.


Been looking at the Q1604-E, but realized how expensive it is(+/-$1,200). I need to go on location to figure if I truly need 2 cameras or not... but I would prefer not to. Looked into the lens "Fujinon Varifocal Megapixel Lens 15-50mm" to attach to a Q1604-E to possibly get rid of the second camera, but I am not sure how that would effect license plate viewing.


On another thread somebody suggested an AXIS IP-VE dome camera but I am not sure which one it was...


So my final questions are...


Which camera is best for this scenario?

What do you think about that lens? Good for license plate viewing with that wide view?


Thank you for your time

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