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DMMMultiview in 8.5.5 - full screen freezing and lowe res

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Hi Guys


Just wondered if you have seen the issue I have with two DMMultiview installations (so its not the DMMultiview PC).


You can view GV installations ok, but if you double click one camera to make it full screen, the video does not go to the higher resolution (it stays blocky which is probably 160/120) and then freezes, ie the video image is static.


The application does not hang, as you hit escape and it goes back to normal multicam viewing.


I have used the DMMultiview from the 8.5.5 DVD and it is the same (as I was using a previous release before the issue) and I can view other older, non 8.5.5 GV installations and they work perfectly, so it must be 8.5.5 at the server end.



Any thoughts before I restore a previous GV release on the servers?



Thanks in advance



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I have several install of 8.5.5 and don't have this problem.

I would try uninstalling DMmultiview and clean windows registery on the client, then reinstall from the Server download page not the CD.

I've had some odd behavior when the client had older version than the DVRs.

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Well, I tried as you suggested, and tested at each stage and no luck!


The DMMultiview is find viewing other (older, some as far back as 7.05) and they are fine... its just 8.5.5.


Anyway, I would back to a 8.5 backup and its fine.... so its not the client.


Very weird...

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