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NVR wont work with tv , yet works with monitor via HDMI

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Have you tried connecting the nvr to the tv via composite? If I recall correctly, others have had the same issue. You go into the menus settings and then adjust the display settings. That should light up the hdmi port.

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This is the setting for a Duhua 4ch,


How to use HDMI output for NVR

For NVR HDMI output, please make sure:


1. customer connect with VGA output first, and go to NVR setting -> Display


2. change resolution from 1280 x x1024 to 1920 x1080


3. and save it, reboot the NVR


4. Connect HDMI cable from NVR to HDMI Monitor


* BNC output from DVR can't change resolution to HDMI

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