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Internal PTZ with IR

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Hi All,


I'm looking for a good quality internal PTZ camera with IR illumination for night viewing. The camera can be either analogue or IP as I can cater for both types. However I want to keep the form factor small with a recessed dome if possible housing the bulk of the camera in the ceiling void. The camera is to cover a small control room about 5m x 7m in size.


I've looked at having fixed domes but only want to mount a single camera but have the ability to pan and tilt around the room. Having multiple fixed cameras is not an option.


Thanks for any recommendation as I'm struggling to find suitable candidates.

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Finding a small PTZ camera is easily.... finding a quality small PTZ camera with built-in IR will be impossible.


What software are you planing on interfacing this camera with?

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It depends if the camera is IP or analogue. If analogue will be connected to a Dahua DVR. Already have one external PTZ running on that and control is a breeze. If its IP I'll be using a Synology NAS with built in surveillance station. Again used this before and has been faultless.


Have found a couple of candidates namely:


SK-V207IR/Z946 (available from RF Concepts). However it's not the smallest.


Other one I've looked at is:




However again not an ideal form factor.


Also looked at this one but not sure about quality:


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