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Atlantis - app problem

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Hi Experts... greetings from Poland.

Guys - I have managed to set up my DVR atlantis, and I can now see all thru IE but app on my iphones doesn't work...

I tried discovery and vmeye app and still nothing.


I am using no-ip.org but this shouldn't be a problem.

What I am doing wrong? All is ok thru IE (nothing else like Chrome works) but via app not.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.


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When you say you can access from IE but not from app, are you on your local network on the IE computer? Which is to say, are you accessing from the LAN IP address, or are you accessing from the no-ip.org address?


If you are successfully accessing it on the no-ip.org address on IE but no the app, you probably have the wrong port in the app. Most DVRs use a different port (like port 80) for web use, but the apps use a different port (like 9000, 8888, 37777, etc.) Check your user manual for your specific DVR for port information.


If that is not the case, then you don't have your ports set up correctly or your no-ip.org site is not updating correctly.


Two most common problems:


1) Port forwarding. Use a website like www.yougetsignal.com to check if your ports are open. If not, you need to open those in the ports.


2) IP Address change: You can also check this on www.yougetsignal.com. Try using that IP address directly. If it works. that means your no-ip.org isn't working properly. Are you using the DVR to update your no-ip settings? If so, double check that all your settings are correct.


I'll bet one of those two fixes it.

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Happened to me last week on a Qvis Atlantis!

Check all these ports are open and correct in DVR's settings:


TCP: 37777

Mobile: 37778


Network settings --> Advanced --> Mport(or)Mobile port 37778


Mobile app.(vMEye, MeyePro HD) port 37778



If your phone is inside the local network use the 192.18.xxx.xxx address.

If your phone is outside the network(3G, GPRS etc.) use you static IP address.



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