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Keyboard controller problem to matrix

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Hello all big boss,hope anybody in good health alwayss..


My problem is this before my keyboard controller is good working with RS485 port mixing PTZ camera and keyboard in one port our total keyboard 4pcs before i can change any monator and change any camera our total camera 45 total all with two DVR using and one matrix with the 3pcs video distributor,


My Problems


1.}Before i can go inside matrix menu by using keyboard controller but suddenly i have mistake by programming the matrix then after i finish program then shutdown the matrix then power on again,then my big big problem comes i cannot use my keyboard controller to enter menu to matrix and i cannot change all to view monators and all cameras also and the monator views like this CAM1 up of this CAM1 there is F letter display,and HOLD letter display then the timer of all monator running they same like of keyboard controller the timer running they look same,,


Sorry about my English...?

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The matrix system i already reset in manual mode take battery and the card inside also,i leave for 10 minutes before put again the card and the battery but looks they same i cant go to menu of matrix, still same essue problem i,ve face ?


anybody experience this kind of problem also...


thanks for advance if somebody reply?

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