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Using Point and shoot cam as CCTV cam

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I am willing to use my old Nikon L5 Point and shoot camera with my DVR. Because it gives great video quality compared to same price CCTV cameras.


I have some doubts regarding the success of the system.


1. Can Nikon L5 withstand with 24x7 operations?

2. Can i keep auto focus mode on ?

3. Can i use 2.3 volt hand assembled power supply for it?


Thank you all.

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I bet that you will be the first on here to try it.


1- yes but not forever

2- yes but see above and add "definitely" before "not"

3- absolutely


How long will it last? Haven't a clue. Probably quite a while though. I have a friend that owned an electronics repair business with access to lots of faulty consumer grade hand-held video cameras. Most of the problems had to do with in-camera recording. They powered up and output video just fine so he set them up as his personal CCTV cameras. It's not the same thing as using your Nikon but it's still repurposing consumer grade video equipment for 24/7 cctv use. As long as your point and shoot has power saving options that include "never" for the shutdown time you should be fine.

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Thank you so much for reply.


You are right sir. My questions are not proper to be answered with any surety.


I think i must try my concept to get the answer.

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