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Robert Oaks

Want To Purchase Digital Video recorders

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Found this thread really interesting. I keep away from multiplexers and digital recorders but sit close to people who deal with them. In our region PC based equipment is a no no(in their opinion not mine) . The reason being security equipment needs to be 100% reliable and Microsoft based doesn't cut it.

I suspect the reason may be more that standalones are a simpler install. Take it out of the box and hey presto plus the box appears to be more robust and the end user can press the buttons with his feet.


Unfortunately more features are not always appreciated. You guys can use the added features, many can't.


I have no preference as I have little experience of either but would like to see which regions favour PC based and which favour standalone.


I suspect PC based will increase. The markets that don't trust them will gain faith with time/exposure and IP equipment which is the future (if you follow the hype) already record on MS boxes.




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