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Acti Software now supports other cameras

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I haven't had time to play with it or see how it connects to these cameras but this is nice/interesting


From my email:


ACTi VMS offers greater solution with Camera Device Pack

With the increasing demand for specialty cameras in installations, ACTi has taken steps to help you use the best camera for every application, even when you are using ACTi's NVR3 VMS and Embedded Recorders.


Starting now, our Unified Solution allows ACTi NVRs to support various camera manufacturers for any special niche requirements. This Camera Device Pack enables users to effortlessly employ new projects that include very specific third party cameras with the specifications that are not covered by ACTi product line. It also allows you the flexibility to expand on existing installations with ACTi products, without losing the end user's investment on other products.

The Camera Device Pack is available in following NVR products:

NVR Product Software Version

NVR 3.0 or newer

GNR-Series Standalone NVR 3.0.04 or newer

ENR-Series Standalone NVR 3.02 or newer

It will be automatically installed during the NVR server installation or upgrade process, hence no additional file to be downloaded.

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I believe for the moment it supports only Axis cameras. Their software assumes the camera is doing the work as they don't currently have NVR based motion detection so they can't just add any camera but I like where this is going.

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hmm i think i have one of those vivotek listed


ACTi - Software NVR3

Camera Integrated Functions

Manufacturer Model Firmware Video Others

Arecont Vision AV1305DN 65140 Y [+]

Arecont Vision AV1355M 65151 Y [+]

Arecont Vision AV3135 65155 Y [+]

Arecont Vision AV5105M 65149 Y [+]

Arecont Vision AV5155DN 65144 Y [+]

Arecont Vision AV8185 65031 Y [+]

Arecont Vision AV8365 65026 Y [+]

Axis 209MFD 4.47 Y [+]

Axis 211 4.40.2 Y [+]

Axis 211M 4.49 Y [+]

Axis 212 PTZ 4.49 Y [+]

Axis 216FD 4.47.3 Y [+]

Axis 216MFD 4.47 Y [+]

Axis M1011-W 5.2 Y [+]

Axis M3004 Y [+]

Axis M3005 Y [+]

Axis M3006 5.40.13 Y [+]

Axis M3007 Y [+]

Axis M3014 Y [+]

Axis M3204 5.11 Y [+]

Manufacturer Model Firmware Video Others

Axis P1311 5.2 Y [+]

Axis P1344 Y [+]

Axis P3346 5.40.4 Y [+]

Axis P5534 Y [+]

Axis Q6032-E Y [+]

Vivotek FD8133 0104a Y [+]

Vivotek FD8134 0109a Y [+]

Vivotek FD8136 0101a Y [+]

Vivotek FD8161 0105b Y [+]

Vivotek FD8361 0200b Y [+]

Vivotek IP7138 0201j Y [+]

Vivotek IP7160 0105a Y [+]

Vivotek IP8132 0200c Y [+]

Vivotek IP8151 0300f Y [+]

Vivotek IP8161 0103A Y [+]

Vivotek IP8331 0201a Y [+]

Vivotek IP8332 0105b Y [+]

Vivotek SD8362 0102b Y [+]

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