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BIG IMPLEMENTATION - 100 Cameras Country CLub DEsign -

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Hi Everyone!!!


Iam going to install a cctv/IP BIG camera system with around 80 cams at first, then we think will add more domes and cameras. I upload a map with the supposed net and cameras locations. The objetive its to watch specially at night the movements of strangers around peripheral locations. The country has good night artificial light level, but it is critical to have a good image all the time. (Thats why I Choose the SCB200p cameras with XDR and very very low lux).


With regards to the NET, I want to know if it is posible to implement a BUS topology with plenty of UBIQUITI nano station M5ghz, to repeat the signal and carry the net all around the country like u can see in the pic. I doubt because of too much repeaters will make a lot of latency??? maybe yes , maybe no. The peripheral has a good visualization between the nano stations, without trees. Have already installed POSTS of tv provider, with power supply, so we r going to use these to installl the ubiquitis nanos.


Each 2 cctv samsung scb2000 will be installed with a 2 port video server, and this video server directly to the rj45 port os the nano locmo m5. The question here is that what is better? install 2 low lux IP cameras directly without the video net server, or the implementation with video server and analog cctv samsung I propose (very cheaper than the former, but want to know advantages and disadvantages of each one).


The main system I was thinking to use will be GEOVISION with gv-vs12 video servers that are really expensive, so another option could be to make a mini-ITX motherboard with a SSD hard disk in a compact Waterproof case with a GV-800 DVR 16 Channel 120 FPS card (will only use 2/3 BNC ports). I dont know if this will be reliable over the time, but will be much more cheap than the former video server.


The Samsung SCB2000 will be installed with a Varifocal 5mm-60mm / 6mm-100mm Autoiris CS lens in a ESTANCO Case. The power supply of 24VAC will be take from the actual light system already installed. In the points I draw 3 cams what do u think it is better?? to install fixed scb2000 cams or a DOME like SAMSUNG PTZ SPD-3000??


This system do u think it is posible??? any better idea??? my customer was thinking to make it all with Fiber, but I said that was not necesary, and this wifi solutions will cost less that the fiber optic solution. (They want to make the fiber installed by the air and not under ground, so I said that was a terrible mistake, because of the danger of fallen tress, storms will damage the fiber)


Thanks a lot for ur ideas and replies !!!


I recently added the idea to use a mixed BUS-STAR topology with Rocket m5 Ubiquiti, also upload a draw



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The design is wrong at a number of levels.


You would need to first define the operational requirement, legal restrictions and confirm how you are going to operate/monitor the video feeds.


This will influence the design.



Technically, the cable selection is wrong and the wireless is likely to self interfere.


Network design will be important with this type of system as a flat network may cause issues.


I would suggest you contact a specialist in public space CCTV systems to work with.



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Answering your questions


1) there is not a public place its Private property, so not legal issues at all.


2) When you said the cable selection is wrong, you refer to the RG6 coax?? cause it is the only wire in the whole implementation (only a few meters about 10m or 15m from the GV-800 card to each abnalog camera.


3) Self interference? I will use 5ghz standard with WPA2 encoded link, so I see it very difficult to interference?? whats ur bases to said that will interference If I use a rocket m5 to concentrate abou only 10 nano loco m5 ???


thanks a lot for ur replies and to make me understand ur point of view


Thanks again

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Yes there is several legal issues even on private property. This system should be handled by a number of professional mindsets and skills. You need a good analog camera brain, IP camera experience and a networking mindset. Just by your description sounds like someone is throwing a large sum of money at this project and going to end up with a huge money hog, other than a functional system. Think of this project on multiple levels, as several functional systems linked together. Something to keep in mind, You are not putting together a large casino with several system requirements and legal constraints. So going with the name brand top of the line systems are a large waste of money. A good plan and buying right are the key in large systems. If you need any help on planning let me know, Im sure I could come up with ways to save you tons of installation time and money.




Scott King

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If someone were to ask why you haven chosen wireless as opposed to fibre, or UTP, what would your response be?


Also since a varifocal camera costs 2 times what a fixed focal length would - why have you chosen these 5-60mm lenses? What is the distance between each camera? and what will be the height of the camera?


Obviously as always there is much more to such a project than what camera , cable topology will be used? But i was just interested in these with this particular project?

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