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Cameras to protect vehicles in parking lot

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I hope I can get some suggestions on a design for parking lot monitoring. In the past, analogue cameras have been randomly (at least this is what it looks like to me) installed all around our parking lots. When a request for video is made, I can never find or see anthing that is of any value.


I now have been tasked with improving these and my first questions was "What are we looking for or trying to do here?" "We want to protect the cars, our members have this expectation!" Is the answer I got.


So, I was wondering how you all would approach this. I already know I want plate and vehicle recognition upon accessing the site. They will all be gated so I can easily solve this one. As for the lot itself, I was thinking PTZ with motion to track and zoom in on movement. Would that work?


What other ideas do you have?

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I would start with formulating your objective a little better:


(1) What is the target you will be observing. (What are you protecting the cars from? - is a person?)


(2) What is it that you would stop the target from achieving ( Tampering, breaking windows, stealing?)


You need to define this before you can start working out a solution.


So it's a standard request that you have license plate capture at the entrance - i don't think you are considering license plate recognition, as that's a totally different form of intelligence. But whenever faced with this technically challenging request (especially night time capture) we always ask WHY?


Why do you want to capture the plates? How will this information protect the cars?

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