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Installing Camera Security Systems WITHOUT a state license

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After carefully reading the Florida statutes on alarm systems (of which the common DVR camera systems you buy at Costco or BJ's are included), you cannot install, service, maintain...blah...blah...blah.... a home security system for a FEE.


You CAN however, install it for FREE.


Am I understanding this correctly?

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You cannot do any low voltage work without a license,insurance and business documentation not even for free.


This is not true.


The statutes say that you can install a security system yourself FOR yourself.


In fact, you can completely rewire your home as long as you have it signed off by a properly licensed contractor / engineer and then have the county or city approve the work.


There also appears to be no prohibition to installing a security system free for friends or family.


In fact, I see nothing in the statutes that would prohibit anyone from doing any installation for free.


Feel free to post the section that you feel prohibits it (if you can find one).

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