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Bob La Londe

Cameras Torn From buildings

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I have had problems with a couple different sites were cameras have been torn from the side of buildings. This is a very arid and hot climate and using cheap cameras really isn't an option. I have takne to using housings with blowers for almost all outdoor applications due to the heat. I am looking for a housing or camera option that leaves no leverage for pulling or prying cameras from the side of a building.

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A couple of months late, but how's this for a silly suggestion .....

The standard approach for preventing cameras from being vandalised, is to keep an eye on them with ... more cameras, sort of!


Without knowing whether you are using dome, fixed, PTZ or whatever, if you use a standard weatherproof housing fitted with a dummy camera, and locate it in opposition to the working camera (singular), it's a brave (or foolish) individual who will willingly attack any CCTV camera, if they believe they are being monitored by another camera.


Not always the cheapest solution, but usually the most effective!

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Guys have u not heard of strongabuilt,


ill put you in touch with the them direct if you dont have a distributor in your part of the world,


they have a wide range of Hduty housings, including wedge mount housings,

I just install 6 medium duty ext housings and they had 6 bolt holes where we used dyna bolts i can hang off it90kgs and it dont budge....


also theres a range of vadal resist domes on the market... if you need more info let us know

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