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Help me! - What to buy!

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Hi There,


I have been looking for a CCTV kit that I can put on my mobile phone, and watch on another computer! Although I am not a total novice, I have heard horror stories on people having issues with port forwading..etc


Is there anything I can buy that will do automatic port forwarding for me!!??


I have looked everywhere and had no luck!


Help me please!!

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Automatic port forwarding is known as UPnP, but it is not a 100% accurate tool and there have been some documented security risks with leaving it on. Port forwarding is really not that difficult. You are just telling your router which door to send the data through and which device to talk to once it is thru the door.


There are TONS of posts on this forum about port forwarding, and I have given at least three rather detailed explanations of how this works. Go do a search and then use portforward.com... trust me, this is not rocket science.

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