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iVMS-4500 - device problem - error 43 [ios/android]

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My destination: See devices on my phone by iVMS-4500.

Issue: I see the "Error code:43".

Devices: Router Linksys RV042, Hikvision DS-7204HVI-SV, Sony Z (androd), iphone5


What i do?

I opened port: 80,554,555,1024,1025,8000,8080 on uPNP on Linksys router for ( linksys router), so now i can see on internet by port 80.



I setup network, ports and dns on Hikvision:





Than i installed app on Android and iphone - iVMS-4500

Adding device:


and booom



I did try with hkDNDS but can`t connect ( i added corectly device to www.hik-online.com )

I also install iVMS-4200 on my Windows 7 but when im trying to connect i see: Login failed. The device DNS error.




There is only one way for me where this is working.

1) im setup VPN to Linksys router and connect to him

2) i added device with local address ip without problems


And working, but i would like to do this without VPN.


Thank you for any help.






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You do NOT have to connect to port 80 on iVMS-4500 and iVMS-4200.


Port 80 is the http port, for accessing from a web browser. From iVMS you have to use the data port (8000 by default, if you have not changed it).

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http port is for accessing from a web browser. It is NOT used with iVMS-4200 and iVMS-4500, they use the data port, which by default is 8000 (if you have not changed it, that is).

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View on ivms 4500 and 4200 you need to open ports 8000 and 554 open port 80 does not need to still see. It is characteristic of Hikvision camera

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