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Hi All,


I'm moving in to a large-ish 4 bed new build residential property this month and want to consider a cheap cctv system as more of a deterrent than anything. I have to minimize holes and wiring (no conduit inside or out!) as much as is possible as it's rented


I need this solution to be accessible over the internet to monitor when away from home.


I want 2 external wireless cameras mounted high on the eves covering the approach/drive and back garden so any intruder knows they're there but they can't be motion detectors due to neighbours, animals traffic.

I want 2 internal motion detection cameras to point at the front door and back door in case anyone breaks in.


My broadband will come in to the property downstairs at front of house. The point of entry unknown at present but will have to attempt to make it secure otherwise this whole plan is pointless!


My cameras will have to run in through the wooden eves and in to the attic. The power cables for these will have to be long so that I can drop down through the ceiling and in to the airing cupboard (where there is power as I do not want to have to put power up in the attic) then through a studded wall and in to my computer/office room and connect to the DVR unit.


Is it possible to get a wireless DVR unit that will be able to pick up broadband signal coming from downstairs front room? I don't want to have to run Cat5e/6 around the house!


Was hoping to get a system like this:



Could really do with some advice/suggestions on make/models etc.. and whether a DVR box can operate wirelessly?


I will also have a NAS server to save footage on so if there is some PC software that can pick up the wireless cctv footage instead of a dedicated DVR box as I first suggested then that could also work too?!


Many thanks


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If you want to stay cheap and have the system only as a deterrent why don't you install dummy cameras? Personally I would either go all the way and install a good system (as much as my budget can allow) or nothing at all. What do you do if they see the cheap cameras up there and decide to break in anyway? Just some things to consider.

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buster74985 is right on....additionally, wireless is not really wireless...where are you going to draw power from? If you run the cable properly you should avoid any exposed cable/conduit. But considering you need to screw the cameras into the siding, you are going to have to get permission from the owner. Best way to do this is to agree to leave the system in place when you leave. I would installed one or two poe ip cameras....indoors, get the Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW which has a pir motion sensor which will eliminate any false alarms.

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