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PIR - Optex sensors with Inovonics wireless, what range?

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I have used several 10-12 Optex security sensors now with good results, and I'm installing four more here soon. At this new location though I could use two more, and really the only option would be wireless. I know that Optex has sensors with Inovonics transmitters built in, has anyone used these or have any idea of the transmission range to be expected?


I know buildings and such will greatly affect this, but in general are we talking 50' range or 300' range? Inovonics also has a newer long range transmitter called the EN1252 that promises "five times the range" but no actual examples of range estimates. I have contacted them to ask but am still waiting on a reply, and I've read every datasheet on these now and I still have no clue on range.


Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated!

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I have not used that one yet anyway, the longest range version I've personally used is the SIP-100 which works out very well. I need that long narrow beam to cover fence lines usually and other than the occasional animal setting these off they work great.


I have used about 4 different types of PIR from Optex so far, and I'm ordering a couple more new versions (to me anyway) later today. Not had any failures yet, and with this super harsh winter I'm very pleased so far as all of my installs of these are outdoors.


I did get an answer back from Inovonics and they stated open field type range is 1500 feet, and they have a new transmitter that is supposed to be 5x that. I may end up trying this out at some point yet, still deciding.

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