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CAT5e cable for CCTV cameres COLOR SCHEME

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Hello All

I am the new in this Forum.

Since 6 months installing security cameras in Germany

and I am using Cat5e cables + Balun connector


orange+Orange white = POWER +

Blue+Blue white = POWER -

Brown+Brown white = Video +

Green+Green white = Video -


if cable longer than 40 meters, Image is not good and there are sometimes shadow

if its so

I do bridge cable between - connection ( blue - Green ) and image quality ok


is there any standard scheme for connection or do I need to use another connectors




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I know your link says baluns but they look more like adapters than baluns to me. The small cheap adapters don't have the circuitry inside that a real BALanceUNbalancer has. Adapters are garbage; baluns work well. Try using something that looks like this.

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