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Problems with Concept Pro (CNB) Cameras

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Hi all,


Posted this in the video surveillance forum but got no response. Thought I'd try here


I've had nine Concept Pro (CNB) analogue cameras installed for about four years (VVP9324DNIR). They have been excellent but I'm having a couple of issues. One camera is now showing an almost black screen at night. Having checked the IR LEDs these seem to be working ok. It looks like the camera is failing to switch to black and white and is staying in day mode. It is working ok during the day but not at night. The camera has a five year warranty so I can return it but wanted to check if there was anything I can do first to fix the problem?


Second issue is a problem with two of the cameras during the day (the one mentioned above being one of them). When the sun is shining on the camera the picture is completely obscured due to being far too bright. I hadn't noticed this last year but it seems really bad this year. I haven't tried adjusting any settings yet but wonder if this is normal when cameras get direct sunlight and whether there is anything I can do to ease/solve the problem.


Thanks for any help.

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