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Multiple monitor issue

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Hi guys just want to run one by you.


In CMS you can set up multiple displays – I have 3 monitors setup with connections to various Avermedia DVRs about the site and till yesterday they all displayed fine.

Now however I am just getting monitor output as normal on Monitor one but two and three are just showing the boxes where the cameras should be and a grey eye picture that has no response if you click it.

One of the monitors has three camera spaces free at the bottom and the last three boxes say no picture as expected but all the other boxes on screen just contain this grey eye (I assume some aver logo of some kind).


Any ideas what that’s all about, I have tried going into settings/camera and repopulating the monitors and you can see all of the cameras populating correctly in the camera settings screen but once you go back to center and then click monitor only monitor one does what it should the other two now just have a nice screen full of grey eye boxes.

Atm as a temp fix I have just made monitor one as big as poss and shoved all the important cameras on there and that is working for now.


It always worked fine before which is what confuses me just started playing up after a reboot – could crappy gfx cards be the answer or have I missed an obvious setting ?


Cheers as always

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