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need help 7 day recording on 32gb sd card on dahua camera

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hi im looking for some advice on setting up 3 bullet dahau ip66 cameras they are set up on there own mast with a extended Ethernet box so I can plug in a laptop and retrieve the data from the sd card.The problem is I need a full 7 days recording on the 32Gb SD card. I have set them to motion record only, on a 7 day schedule. what is the best acceptable resolution i should use to achieve full 7 days recording. the only other issue im having is spider webs causing motion activation. any advice greatly appreciated these are not cheap cameras ive set the motion to cut out bushes and tree movement.

thanks. the cameras are in large site with no network options or dvr recorder options that's why we have gone with Sd on board

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you are asking a lot from a megapixel IP cam and 32GB. Only option is to adjust and mask until you get that 7 days. You could get away from video and do snapshots to the 32gb which might work better for you?


And, you can always add a wireless link to that location and create a FTP at another location? Or, install a small NAS at the location?


Never is not a word we use in IP land

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