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Control a CCTV DVR from 8 different TV's?

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I am about to start wiring for a new project in my house. My goal is to be able to view my CCTV DVR feeds on each and every TV in the house. So far I am thinking that my set up will be something like the following:


10 x IP Cameras <-----> CCTV DVR <----> 1 to 8 HDMI SPLITTER <------> 8 x TV's


This would allow me to view the CCTV feeds on all TV's but is there a device which would allow me to control the CCTV DVR via 8 remotes which would be next to each TV? So, 8 receivers with 8 remotes and 1 transmitter connected to the CCTV DVR. If not a device capable of 8, then maybe 6 or 5?


Or if anyone can think of any other method to view AND control the CCTV DVR feeds on all TV's in the house other than what I have outlined above I would be very much appreciative. I have the house open and ready to be wired with pretty much anything at the moment, CAT5e/CAT6/Fibre Optics/Coax.


No equipment has yet been purchased so if there is a system that can achieve this without the need for an HDMI Splitter i.e. connecting the DVR into the patch panel via CAT5e and then connecting the TV's to the patch panel I would greatly appreciate your input. I would prefer to use a hard wired system as opposed to Wi-Fi/RF for control but this isn't set in stone, any system that is robust would be great.


Many thanks in advance



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Many consumer DVRs have USB mouse control, so you could use a USB hub with the required number of outputs and extend USB to the desired locations using active USB cables or USB-over-Cat n extenders.


Depends on whether your DVR will cope with multiple mice, and of course this will not allow separate locations to see/do different actions simultaneously.


To avoid running HDMI through the house, if the DVR has a composite/analogue video output you could modulate that and run it through the aerial wiring. However that may not cope with high enough resolution to allow mouse control.


Other option is RS 485 with multiple PTZ keyboard controllers and a DVR that supports that.

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I haven't tried it, but I think something like this could work. Only other suggestion that I would have is to make sure you get an active splitter for the 8 tv's.






I'm sure others will chime in. Good Luck!

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