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Some assistance. H.264 Network Video Recorder

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Good afternoon,


I recently joined this forum after being on here for many months of just reading.


I've had a cheap but lousy h.264 network dvr that was purchased off eBay. From what I can tell there is not even a clear manufacturer fingerprint on this product.




That is the product I have.


The camera's are decent, and do the job. The issue I have is with the NVR.


1) Locks up on regular basis

2) Loses lan connectivity (100% not a network issue but an issue with NVR)

3) Unable to determine manufacturer

4) Other than Internet explorer's Active x, I cannot seem to find a Windows application to view streams. (works fine on iOS with mEye Pro)


Those are primary the issues I am having.


I am in the market now for a replacement NVR up to 200$. I would like to have it have much better interface than the previous, support 8 channels, and have hdmi out.


I cannot seem to find anything online that I can determine reviews. I am asking this great community to for direction in my replacement unit, or perhaps a firmware update for my current unit to resolve current issues.


Thanks for your time.

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