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Need help with camera setup and components selection

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Hello all,


I am new to the surveilance camera world and very confused with what the best option is for my requirements.

Even though I am quiet capable of the installing side, I have no idea what it is I should be setting up and how to proceed with the set up.


I have listed my requirements below which come to mind:


1) Decent quality image and 30 meter night vision (5mp photo image quality). I tried the Swan ADW-200 wireless digital camera and receiver but it was very poor quality and small flimsy unit.


2) Only want photos or video recorded when motion detected.


3) I have unused laptop and a notebook which I would like to utilise as monitor and recorder if this is possible.


4) I do not need remote access as I will be only viewing and recording images on site max 10m from camera position.


5) Set up must be the most cost effective solution as buget is limited.


6) must be able to set recording with motion detect and auto delete old files.


7) if possible a set up that does not require internet access or connection to a phone company's phone line (dont want data usage costs).


Is this camera I saw on AliExpress websit (SONY CCD EFFIO 700TVL bullet Outdoor Waterproof Home CCTV Security camera with 2Array Leds 50M Night Vision with 2MP 6mm lens) suitable for my requirements.


I would greatly appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction, especially with descriptions and explanations to the set up or where I can find this info.





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That camera will not work for you its analog, 700tvl not even close to 5mp. No camera will give you true 30m nightvision. First what is your budget? What are you going to record to, NVR, SDCARD inside camera? PC?

go to the ip section and read the camera reviews there.

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Thanks boogieman,


My budget is not fixed but want to keep under $300 if possible as I only need 1 camera.

I would like to record to laptop if possible.


Can you make any recomendations with this info.



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